For those who have a distinct style and value a natural façade while creating a cosy atmosphere frequently choose timber windows and doors. Our range of high-quality timber wooden frames will make your home beautiful and welcoming. Architects and designers often advise to choose wooden frames as there are a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes as well as the choice of timber.
Timber has a high thermal insulation compared to other materials. The thermal expansion of wood is the lowest among natural materials which are used for window manufacturing, as such this offers unlimited design possibilities and timber windows remain firm, stable and exceed the highest European quality standards. 
FULLGUARD timber windows are manufactured of high-quality Nordic pine, Meranti, Mahogany and Fir. Upon request, we can provide frames from other traditional (oak, larch) or exotic (Hemlock, Oregon, white Saraya, etc.) timber.
Through decades of experience, our timber frames are extremely durable and resistant to deformation. This is achieved by layering several separate blocks of radial cut boards, using moisture-resistant glue. By doing this, our window frames do not have any possibilities to bend, rotate or crack. Multi-layered timber frames ensure resistance to deformation and the outer layer of radial or semi-radial cut board protects the surface from cracking.


Choosing the right frames and hardware for your windows and doors will increase the security of your home without compromising on style. Our uPVC window frames can achieve an “A” energy rating and are manufactured to provide high levels of thermal insulation. Combined with your choice of window units and weatherproof seals, the complete product will provide you with a thermal efficient solution and unbeatable protection against adverse weather conditions. Sound insulation comes as a standard with our uPVC windows. 
FULLGUARD provide vinyl window frames from lead-free GEALAN uPVC. The product is made from vinyl profiles that require very little maintenance and is resistant to a variety of environmental influences providing a long service life. The uPVC stabilizer used is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We provide lead-free uPVC windows, because we care about your health and your environment. GEALAN profile systems offer the finest build quality, modern styling and feature excellent heat and sound insulation, as well as astounding protection from intruders. Windows made from GEALAN multi-chamber profiles guarantee that the heat stays in while keeping the noise out, ensuring security and comfort while producing an unmistakable living atmosphere.Our team can supply and fit a wide range of uPVC windows in a variety of colour and wood grain finishes while still maintaining all the advantages of uPVC. As well as being great insulators and highly secure, uPVC window frames are easy to clean, and the surface does not deteriorate over time. You can choose your preferred style from our range of trims and finishes.