With over 20 years of experience delivering & installing security fittings, doors and windows, the team at Full Guard make it our mission to provide the highest quality of product & service to our clients. If you are looking for a warm, safe and elegant installation, you can trust in our team to guide you in choosing the correct aesthetic & security features to meet your personal or business needs from our range with ease.

We believe that our success is a direct result of our uncompromised commitment towards excellence in every aspect of our service. Our expert team are on hand to answer any questions you may have, from initial contact to the final product as well as post-warranty servicing. By working closely with each client, we are able to tailor every request to meet both security and budget needs.

Our manufacturers began developing our products over 30 years ago and incorporate the latest developments in security innovations. Working with one of the most advanced production lines within Europe, which is fully automated and opens the way for mass production without compromising quality.

Using the highest quality equipment available, we have been able to eliminate the risk of human error, shorten production times & be environmentally conscious along the way. Our steel armoured doors, covered in a range of finishes to suit your taste, meet European standards for fire & burglary as well as sound insulation requirements.

With our extensive range of products, we can assure you that your home or business will be secure at all hours. At Full Guard, we are a leading supplier of anti-burglary and high security doors, standing at the forefront of the UK market. We cannot be beaten on our reasonable prices and exemplary service, so why not give us a call today to discuss your needs and what we can do to provide you with the assurances you are looking for.


We are professionals throughout the whole supply chain and specialise in design, manufacturing and fitting of security doors and windows for over 9 years. The company offers a wide range of doors and windows for houses, apartments, vaults, hospitals, hotels, theatres and many other public and privately owned buildings.

Highly motivated team is ready to evaluate your home or business facilities and match the best security options for you.
We allow our customers to be a part of the business and give the possibility to make their own door design. This way you can put your personal touch on the final product and make it unique.