FULLGUARD windows provide excellent heat insulation, are ecological, lead-free and durable. UPVC windows, uPVC doors and other constructions are manufactured from German GEALAN uPVC profiles. The technical characteristics of uPVC windows are determined solely by the profile used. GEALAN profile systems offer finest build quality and feature excellent heat and sound insulation, protection from intruders and modern look.

We can manufacture not just white uPVC windows, but also provide a range of colour and wood grain finishes, that make uPVC windows look like they are made of wood, and still maintain all the advantages of uPVC windows. You don’t need to paint such windows, they are easy to clean and the surface doesn’t change through years. You can choose the colour from 20 trims and finishes.

FULLGUARD manufactures uPVC windows and doors from lead-free uPVC profiles. Such windows are more durable, more stable, more resistant to external impact, and remains white and shiny longer. Above all is that uPVC stabilizer used is non-toxic and does not affect human health or the environment. Recycled lead-free uPVC profiles can be used for manufacture of new uPVC items - such as toys, packaging and medical supplies. We manufacture lead-free uPVC windows, because we care about your health and your environment.




The new window with GEALAN S 9000 triple sealing profile system combines the characteristics and benefits of central and stop seals in equal measure. The large construction depth, six profile chambers in the window frame and profile and three integrated sealing levels guarantee excellent thermal insulation. The windows made of the S 9000 profile are in conformity with the requirements of energy-efficient windows.

The advantages of Gealan S 9000 window with 6 chamber profile:

Profile width: 83 mm
U (coefficient of heat transmission): 0,77 W/m2K
Measurements: Made to order
Fittings: Handles of different colors, with or without locks
Hinges: G-U, additional security level is available
Glazing: 52 mm, wide choice of glasses, different type of control
Beads: Thermo spacer
Gaskets: Triple
Additional color choice : laminated on one side / both sides; different wood imitation colors from both sides
Additional information: Tilt&turn window


FULLGUARD uPVC profile system Gealan S 8000 with 6 chambers is a product of FULLGUARD, which is used to manufacture new generation uPVC windows from 6 chamber profile. Harmonious proportions, sleek contours and glossy surface make them elegant. Excellent insulation due to six chambers in both frame and sash. Very good rigidity due to large steel stiffeners in the frame and sash. Easy to clean, thanks to a generously large sash rebate.

The advantages of GEALAN S 8000 window with 6 chamber profile:

Profile width: 74 mm
U (coefficient of heat transmission): 1-1,3 W/m2K (for entire window with glazing unit)
Measurements: Made to order
Fittings: Handles of different colors, with or without locks
Hinges: G-U, additional security level is available
Glazing: From 24 mm till 44 mm, wide choice of glasses, different type of control
Beads: Aluminum or thermo spacer
Gaskets: Double
Trickle vent: Gecco 4, Innovair, Junior, Aralco
Additional color choice: laminated on one side/both sides; different wood imitation colors on both sides; acrylcolour outside
Additional information: Tilt&turn windows


We are happy to introduce MEGRAME uPVC windows innovation –  SCANDINAVIAN TYPE windows with outside opening. This innovation is classical design type that characterizes excellent sound insulation and energy saving and has extra functions. Scandinavian windows type perfectly protects the rooms from wind, humidity or noises. Windows of this type are very popular in Scandinavian countries and Great Britain, where it is windy and rains a lot.

Positioning of 4 chambers causes extra resistance to conductivity of energy, ensures excellent rates of sound insulation. 115 mm width profiles allow to use strong, at least 1,5 mm width galvanized armature made of steel that ensures perfect stability of uPVC windows.

For uPVC manufacturing FULLGUARD Company uses the best quality ecological materials and modern technologies. S 8000 uPVC profile is certified and matches all the normative requirements. We offer wide range of colors and wood imitations for this profile.

The advantages of Gealan NORD LINE PLUS window with 4 chamber profile:

4 chambers, 115 mm width uPVC profile
Lead free profile technology of manufacturing
The coefficient of conductivity of energy equal to U=1,3 W/m2K
Excellent mechanical stability
It’s possible to use glazing unit with 44 mm width
Perfect energy and sound insulation
Safe and stable German mechanism
Reliable protection of breaking–in
Acrylic colors and wood imitations