The most important part of your house is the main door. FULLGUARD uPVC doors provide excellent heat insulation, are ecological, lead-free and durable.

UPVC windows, uPVC doors and other constructions are manufactured from German GEALAN uPVC profiles. The technical characteristics of uPVC doors are determined solely by the profile used. GEALAN profile systems offer finest build quality and feature excellent heat and sound insulation, intruder protection and look modern.
We can manufacture not just simple white uPVC doors, but also provide a range of acryl colour and laminates, that make uPVC doors look like they are made from wood, and still maintain all the advantages of uPVC doors. You don’t need to paint such doors, they are easy to clean and the surface doesn’t change through the years. And you can choose the colour from 20 trims and finishes. 
FULLGUARD manufactures uPVC doors from lead-free uPVC profiles. Such doors are more durable, more stable, more resistant to external impact, and remains longer white and shiny. Above all is that a used uPVC stabilizer is non-toxic and does not affect human health or the environment. Recycled lead-free uPVC profiles can be used for manufacture of new uPVC items - such as toys, packaging and medical supplies. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers still use uPVC stabilizers with lead compounds. We manufacture lead-free uPVC doors, because we care about your health and your environment.




With its new S 9000 front door system, FULLGUARD offers the right products to cater for all tastes. With the S 9000 profile system, you get a state-of-the-art advanced system that can be used equally both for new buildings and fro refurbishment. This way, S 9000 develops into a new platform for building windows and front doors.

The S 9000 doors advantages:

French casement solution for weatherboards.
Suitable for accepting glass and panel thicknesses of as much as 52 mm.
Very good statics due to large bracing chamber, steel reinforcement elements according to the form, and fitting corner reinforcements.


In order to achieve the desired static qualities MEGRAME has arranged the partition bars in the S 8000 profile to allow the insertion of the largest possible stiffening rods into the sash.

This special arrangement of the partition bars in the 74 mm-deep profile allow the usage of steel with a 30% higher stiffness factor. The stiffening rods are pre-grooved to allow for faster assembly and also the proven threshold clasps provide for a seamless integration between door frame and threshold within the S 8000 series.

There are also compatible corner weld joints available to increase the wind resistance and the corner fastness to a high degree.

The wide selection of accessories allow for the construction of all common door models. The finished door can be equipped with market-standard hardware and locks, as well as most filling panels of up to 40 mm thickness.