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Those are mainly outside or inside doors that are usually installed in utility rooms, warehouses and staircases.
The sash of the door is made from 40 x 20 mm steel profiles with 2 mm thick protective external and internal steel sheets. Thermo-insulating stone wool filling, rubber insulation spacer fitted on the sash of the door.

The hinges are with supporting bearings.
The jamb (door frame) is made from 40 × 60 mm folded steel profile. The metal construction of the sash and the jamb (door frame) are coated with powder paint.
One or two-lock system is installed in the door.

Dimensions. Standard measurements: height up to 2150 mm, width up to 1000 mm. Highest possible measurements: height up to 2300mm, width up to 1050mm.The doors is manufactured according to the individual dimensions provided by the customers. We may also offer different non-standard solutions.

Standard door set. Door, door frame and one or two locks.