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Rolling grills – are moving systems providing excellent appearance to shop windows and stained glass windows, and good protection of the valuables. They are an attribute of today’s trade centres and shops, and perfectly match with any building’s architecture and shopping mall interior space. Full Guard rolling grills the shop windows can operate even at night.  Anti-burglar protection enables usage of grills for protection of banks, offices, cafes and restaurants.
Rolling grills are made of extruded aluminium profiles: grillwork with rectangular windows, single- and double-wall reinforced profiles. Profile width: from 30 mm to 84 mm; thickness: from 13.5 to 19 mm.

Main advantages of rolling grills

  • Rolling grills can be installed in the openings up to 7 m wide with surface area up to 21 m2 using reinforcing profiles that provide increased strength and additional rigidity of the grill.

  • Excellent break-in protection.

  • Special fixing profile to connect the curtain

  • With the roll tube and provide protection against unauthorized grill rising in a closed mode.

  • 24-hour demonstration of shop and trade centre windows. Even when the shop is closed advertising of the goods continues. The grills allow potential customers to view new products and come back to purchase.

  • The grills can be opened or closed at any moment: this is an undeniable advantage of the rolling grills as compared to stationary grills that are completely immovable.

  • Wide choice of colour solutions (19 colours) can reflect the identity and add a decorative element to the interior and exterior of the building.