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Exterior High security doors DELUX. They are water and weather proof and are equipped with a non-freezing sash. The sash of the door is made from folded steel profiles and external protective 2 mm thick steel plating.

The metal edge of the sash is covered with humidity-proof veneer. At the moment we offer the following shades and colours: “Mahogany”, “Wild ash”, “Togo”, “Oak”, “Chestnut”, “Lemon tree” and “Hazel”.

Stone wool and additional polystyrene filling protects the door from over-freezing and from condensation of humidity. Double insulation spacer is used on the sash and inside edgings of the door.
The hinges are with supporting bearings. Stationary tempered pins protect the door from being taken out after cutting the hinges.

The inside and outside of the metal construction of the sash and the jamb (door frame) are painted with powder paint. The doors are equipped with one or two-lock system. Double insulation spacer is used on the sash and inside edgings of the door. The door may be installed with wooden protective jamb (door frame), while preserving all security and heat insulation characteristics.

The door with properly matching colour and decorative milling can be an excellent highlight of your dwelling place.

Dimensions: Standard measurements: height up to 2150 mm, width up to 1000 mm. highest possible measurements: height up to 2300 mm, width up to 1050 mm. The doors are manufactured according to the individual dimensions provided by the customers. We may also offer different non-standard solutions.

Standard door set: Door, door frame, one or two-lock system, inner edgings with insulating spacer, a stainless steel threshold.
The doors may be manufactured with glass units.