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High security doors Line. Modern style steel doors decorated with aluminium strips are used for the security of the inside premises.  The sash of the door is made from folded steel profiles and external protective 1,5 mm thick steel plating, 50 mm stone wool filling, insulation spacer glued onto the sash of the door and an extra spacer fixed on the jamb (door frame)double insulation.

Chipboards laminated with imitation wood (LMDP) of various colours are used for the finishing/decoration of the door. The sash is decorated in vertical and horizontal directions of the fibre, and the plane is divided by a decorative aluminium strip.
The hinges are with supporting bearings. Stationary tempered pins protect the door from being taken out after cutting the hinges thus ensuring greater security.

The jamb (door frame) is made from folded steel profiles. The metal construction of the sash and the jamb are painted with powder paint.
One or two-lock system is installed in the door that fixates the door in all directions.

Dimensions. Standard measurements: height up to 2150 mm, width up to 950 mm. Highest possible measurements of the door: height up to 2300mm, width up to 1050mm.The doors is manufactured according to the individual dimensions provided by the customers. We may also offer different non-standard solutions.

Standard door set. Door, door frame, a wide-angle peephole, one or two-lock system, external and internal edgings, double insulation spacer.