Security Doors from Full Guard

Are you in need of high security doors? With the rate of crime within the UK at its highest ever, making sure your home or business is fully protected is a must.

At Full guard, we guarantee to you that our anti-burglar high security doors are the best on the market for your every security need. With our extensive range of doors, shutters and steel rollers, we can ensure to you that your home or business will be protected at all hours, especially when you’re not present.

We can supply and fit you with outside front doors for your home and property, with specially designed lock mechanisms and the strongest materials of steel, incorporated with aluminium strips. Our doors can be fitted to the normal household or to apartments and flats. We also specialise in security shutters and roller doors for shop premises and warehouses.

With our design team you can distinguish what design features you want to include on your chosen doors. Just because doors are high security doesn’t mean they cannot also be aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from many door materials, as well as cut out LUX and DAF patterns and colours. We also provide choice on the required isolation you desire to give to you maximum comfort and assurance.

Our high quality products are delivered to you personally by our quality on hand team and are fitted to the very best and highest standard. All our doors are meet WK3-WK4 security standards and can be specially designed to fit any exterior or interior frame you require. Our doors are all weather proof and fire proof, so they really are the strongest and most cost effective around.

At Full Guard, we are the experts in anti-burglar and high security doors, standing out from the rest because we cannot be beaten on our reasonable prices and exemplary service. Give us a call today to discuss your security door needs and what we can do for you.