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Who are we


We have been in the business of door manufacturing since 1999 and since then have grown from a small local enterprise into an international company. We believe that our success is a direct result of our commitment to uncompromised excellence in every step of door manufacturing process.

This drive to produce the best door that meets each individual client’s needs marks our entire approach to business – from the first phone call or email we receive from our clients to warranty and post-warranty service arrangements.

Each door is decorated with a metal colour coded trim to enhance its appearance, ensuring the door matches your exterior or interior design.



Depending on the Client’s needs, we provide a wide range of choices for customizing our products:


  • Security standards: we produce doors that meet WK3-WK4 security standards for residential and commercial buildings and);
  • Design: there are really no limits to the design options we can provide, from classic looks to highly individualized solutions. All materials, looks, styles and choices available as well as implementations of design provided by customer.
  • Sound and thermal isolation: depending on each individual situation (climate, surroundings, regulations, other factors) we can offer varying levels of isolation for maximum comfort.
  • Custom-made solutions: our doors can be made to any specifications as well as to meet conservation requirements for historic buildings.


Materials We Use


We use internationally recognized materials and partner with world renown companies for best results.





















Glass Unit



Our Employees


We believe that quality products begin with quality people and we make our hiring decisions accordingly.Our team consists of people who are experts in door manufacturing – from university trained engineers to LLOYD certified welders to metal and wood work specialists with extensive experience in their fields. Our team not only works together to manufacture the doors to our Clients’ orders but also constantly works on innovating and adapting technological advances to create the best door yet.


Manufacturing Facilities


Our manufacturing facilities take up 4300 sq. meters with approximately 60 highly qualified employees at work at any given time. Since we are constantly improving our production and researching ways to improve quality and safety of our doors, state-of-the art equipment is a must.

  • Programmable hydraulic punching press for extremely precise (up to 0,001mm precision) punching of holes for locks, hinges, peepholes, etc. This particular piece of equipment allows us to use a wide variety of locks and other doors furnishings, which translates into more flexibility and wider choices for our Clients.
  • Hydraulic bending press with 180t force for precise bending of metal sheets. The press can be reprogrammed to create billets according to any specifications within minutes making implementing virtually any specifications on custom-made doors possible.
  • Milling Machine (CNC machining center) for transferring Client’s design from sketches and drawings to the actual door. Virtually all design options are possible.